* Select Pomskies strives to produce healthy, genetically sound puppies that are well tempered. We do not guarantee size, eye color or coat. 

* I agree that the puppy purchased is for myself and will not be sold, adopted or given to another party unless approved by Select Pomskies.  I will not under any circumstance place the puppy in a shelter. I will notify Select Pomskies if a rehoming situation is needed.

* If this puppy is returned to Select Pomskies within 30 days a refund for the price of puppy will be given (minus the non-refundable deposit).  There will be a 10% decrease of the refund for each week past the 30 days.

* I agree puppy will be cared for in a humane manner and reside with a responsible guardian.  This includes providing adequate food, water, shelter, attention and medical care.

* I agree that I have never been convicted of animal cruelty.

* I understand that this puppy comes with a one year (from birth) health guarantee of life threatening genetic health defects.

* In the event a life threatening genetic defect is confirmed by a licensed veterinarian within one year I will have these options 1. Get a full refund (including deposit) and keep puppy.     2. Return puppy and get no refund with first pick of next available litter.

* Select Pomskies is not responsible for any vet bill while puppy is in your care.

* Select Pomskies reserves the right to get a 2nd opinion from a licensed vet of our choice.

* I agree I will take said puppy to a license veterinarian within 5 days of adoption to get a general physical exam, vaccinations, deworming, or medications as needed at my own expense. (This step must be taken or the one year health guarantee is void.)

* I agree to keep puppy updated on all vaccinations, deworming, heartworm, flea/tick care and medications for the life of said dog at my own expense.

* Puppies can get very sick if you transition them to quickly, please wean them from the food provided by Select Pomskies to the food of your choice. Allow time for puppy to adjust to its new family and environment.


Spay/Neuter Agreement

* This puppy is sold WITHOUT breeding rights.  Select Pomskies will pursue legal action if you fail to honor the spay/neuter agreement resulting in reproduction from said dog.

* I agree puppy will by spay/neutered within nine months from date of birth of puppy.

* I agree I will send back documentation proving spay/neuter had been completed within one year from puppy birth date. This documentation must be from a certified veterinarian.  (example: copy of bill from vets office for procedure) **This is also a great time to include a picture! We love watching our babies grow!**

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